Academic Fee Definitions

The following are ChattState College Fee Definitions. If you are a student of TCAT, view the TCAT Fee Definitions.

Fees Charged in Addition to Maintenance & Tuition

  • Allied Health Fee - $25.00 per credit hour. This fee is assessed for all Allied Health courses.
  • CDE Fee - $25.00 per online or directed studies class. Non-refundable.
  • Program Services Fee - $8.40 per credit hour, $47.00 per semester maximum per student.
  • External Proctor Fee - Online Students taking courses with proctored exams might incur a proctoring location fee when requesting an external proctor.  
  • ID Card Replacement Fee - $2.00 per replacement. Non-refundable.
  • IncludED (DEI) Bookstore Charge - Digital Materials
  • Late Registration Fee - $10.00 This fee will be charged during the entire period of late registration, which is anytime after final registration day. The effective date of the late registration fee will be determined by the College.
  • MYLABSPLUS Math Course Fee - Digital Course Materials
  • Private Music Fee - $75.00 per semester hour. This fee is charged for all individual instruction music classes.
  • Returned Check Fee - $30.00 for each returned check. Checks tendered in payment of tuition/fees should be drawn only against accounts with sufficient balances. Every effort will be made to collect on checks returned for any reason. Non-refundable.
  • TN eCampus Fee - TN eCampus students' campus access, technology access fees or campus student activity fees are included in the TN eCampus Online Course Fee. TN eCampus fees DO NOT cap at 12 hours. The TN eCampus fee for other TBR institutions may be accessed at
  • Special Course Fees - In courses using facilities for which the College must pay, such costs will be assessed as a laboratory fee in the appropriate amount.
  • In State and Out of State Maintenance Fee – Tuition per credit hour. See fee table for current cost.
  • Technology Fee - $10.00 per credit hour, $116.00 per semester maximum per student.