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Financial Aid

Financial Aid - Virtual Office​

If you are receiving the TN Reconnect Grant:

  • You must complete a renewal application each year. (You can complete the TN Reconnect application at any time.)
  • You must also complete the FAFSA. (Deadlines are September 1st for the fall semester, and February 1st for the spring and summer semesters.)
  • You must also meet any other eligibility requirements.
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Significant Changes to Tennessee Lottery Aid

  • Beginning in Fall 2021, only classes that are required for your current major/program of study will qualify for Tennessee state aid.
  • Hope Scholarship, TN Promise, TN Reconnect, TSAA, and other Tennessee state aid programs will only pay for classes that are required for your current degree program.
  • Federal and Tennessee state aid will not pay for classes that are not required for your current major or degree program.
  • Please only register for classes that are part of your current program of study to avoid losing financial aid payments. Your financial aid will not pay for classes you need for a future program of study that you plan to enroll in.


Financial Aid Payments & Disbursements

  • Beginning in Fall 2021, financial aid will be disbursed for both the 1st Session and 2nd Session. Students will not need to wait until their 2nd Session classes to receive their financial aid payments.
  • Students who are reported as Not Attending one or more of their classes in the 1st Session of the semester will not qualify for payment for those classes.
  • ChattState will pay financial aid for the full semester, even for classes that do not begin until the 2nd Session. But students who withdraw or stop attending classes during the semester might be required to repay their financial aid. Students cannot receive financial aid for classes that they do not attend.


Temporary Changes to FAFSA Verification

  • The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that some students who were selected for FAFSA Verification will have some or all of their Verification requirements waived on the "unsatisfied financial aid requirements" section of their TigerWeb account. If you are still required to complete verification or resolve FAFSA issues, you will be ineligible for aid until those processes are complete. Not all students are covered under this waiver.