Music Department

The comprehensive music program is designed to meet the educational requirements of students, whether they are preparing to earn a music degree, interested in private instruction for a specific instrument, or seeking to fulfill general education credits. The A.F.A. degree (Associate of Fine Arts) prepares students to transfer to a four-year music program with the intent of pursuing a bachelor’s in music.  All music courses at Chattanooga State are open to all students regardless of their program of study.

New Students

Welcome to the Chattanooga State Music Department.  If you are a new student or new to our program, please complete the Music Placement Test Once completed, a music faculty member will be assigned as your advisor and will assist with the next step in becoming a Music Major.


The Chattanooga State Fine Arts Department offers two types of Music Scholarships.  Auditions for Fall 2024 Scholarship Awards will take place on Sunday, April 28, 2024 in the Humanities Auditorium.

  • Performing Ensemble Scholarships (all students are eligible regardless of major)
  • Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.) Scholarships (Music Majors only)

Audition Requirements, CLICK THIS LINK.

To schedule your audition, CLICK THIS LINK.




Jazz Piano, Piano: David Walters, M.M.


Classical Guitar: Alejandro Olson, M.M.
Classical Guitar: Ken Cardillo, Ph.D.

Winds & Percussions

Percussion: David Pedigo, B.M.
French Horn: Gordon James, M.M.
Tuba & Euphonium: Jordan Pitner, B.S.