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Apply to Become a Student

Do you qualify for In-State residency?

Information for out-of-state residents.

Out-Of-State Resident

The following are general steps for becoming a Chattanooga State student. Students applying for Tennessee College of Applied Technology should follow Tennessee College of Applied Technology's application process.


Step 1: Determine Your Student Type

Chattanooga State offers a wide variety of programs with a variety of different admission requirements. Please click this link and answer a few questions to determine your student type.

Step 2: Print Your Checklist

Your admission requirements depend on your student type from Step 1. Print the checklist, below, that matches your student type. Your checklist explains the simple steps you need to complete to be admitted to Chattanooga State.

Step 3: Apply for Admission

Complete and submit the online application to apply for Summer and Fall 2014 semester. You will be asked to select your student type during the online application process.


If you wish to attend Summer semester, which begins May 12, 2014, please complete the online admissions application above. Once you have completed the online application, please submit all other required documents to complete your admissions file. When all necessary documents are received, you will be ready to meet with an advisor and choose your classes.

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