Welcome to Chattanooga State! The purpose of new student orientation is to ensure that new students have a successful transition into college life and to promote college success. New student orientation is required for all new, first-time freshmen and new transfer students.

Once the enrollment process has been completed and students are ready to register for classes a postcard will be mailed to them. The postcard will have step-by-step instructions for RSVP’ing for New Student Orientation. Below is an example of the postcard students will be receiving.

First Time Freshman

Step 1: Log into TigerWeb
Step 2: Enter TigerID and password
Step 3: Go to “Schedule an Orientation Appointment”
Step 4: Complete the orientation modules
Step 5: Under “Next Steps” Spring 2018 First Time Freshman, click the RSVP to schedule your in person day.

First Time Transfer

Step 1: Log into TigerWeb
Step 2: Enter TigerID and password
Step 3: Go to Schedule an Orientation Appointment
Step 4: Complete the orientation modules
Step 5: Under Next Steps Spring 2018 First Time Transfer, follow directions to contact your division for advising assistance.

For More Information

Call: 423-697-4404
Email: orientation@chattanoogastate.edu
8:00 – 5:30 pm M, T, W, R
8:00 – 4:30 F
Tours available Monday night at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Orientation FAQs

When and how do I register for classes?
  • Transfer students will be sent information to complete an online orientation and make their own advising appointment. They will be able to register for classes after meeting with an adviser. 
  • Freshmen and transfer students that attend an on-campus orientation will be advised and register at the orientation session.
  • It’s important that you understand that you will be limited to a part‐time schedule if you have not satisfied all immunization requirements. We encourage you to satisfy those requirements so that you are able to maximize your New Student Orientation experience.  Please see your Admissions Status Check to make sure that you are ready for a full‐time schedule.
Why can’t I register for my classes?

There is an orientation/advising hold on all first-time freshmen and transfer students. The hold will be lifted when you complete an orientation session.

When will I be able to sign up for Orientation?

Please check back for updates regarding the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 orientation schedule.

How will I know that it’s time to sign up for New Student Orientation?

Once you have completed the enrollment process and you are ready to register for classes a postcard will be mailed to you.  The postcard will have step‐by‐step instructions for RSVP’ing for New Student Orientation. Below is an example of the postcard you will be receiving.

orientation slide

In addition, students will receive an email to their personal account notifying them that it is time to RSVP for the event.

Below is a screen shot of what students will see once you log into your TigerWeb account. The nametag will be in the center portal of your student account. The RSVP process is very simple and will allow students to choose the event that best fits your schedules.

When is New Student Orientation this year?

TN Promise Orientations

Tuesday | June 5 | 1:00-6:00
Thursday | June 7 | 1:00-6:00
Tuesday | June 12 | 9:00-2:00
Tuesday | June 19 | 12:00-6:00
Thursday | June 21 | 12:00-6:00

TN Reconnect Orientations

Saturday | April 28 | 9:00-2:00
Thursday | May 10 | 1:00-6:00
Tuesday | July 24 | 5:30-9:30

General Orientations

Tuesday | May 22 | 1:00-6:00
​Thursday | May 24 | 9:00-2:00
Tuesday | July 10 | 1:00-6:00
Thursday | July 12 | 9:00-2:00
Tuesday | July 17 | 1:00-6:00
Thursday | August 2 | 12:00-6:00
Saturday | August 4 | 9:00-2:00
Tuesday | August 14 | 12:00-6:00
Thursday | August 16 ​| 8:00-2:00

Kimball Site Orientations: Contact the Kimball Campus for additional Information at 14231 831-1321

Thursday | June 14
Tuesday | August 7

Davton Site Orientations: Contact the oavton Campus for additional information at 14231 365-5010

Tuesday | June 26
Thursday | July 26

Is Orientation mandatory?

Yes. Orientation is required for all first-time and transfer college students in order to register for classes.  ChSCC believes that all students who attend a New Student Orientation are more apt to do well in and outside of the classroom. We want you to feel welcome and prepared to begin your college career.

Transfer students can complete an online orientation in lieu of coming to an on-campus orientation session. The online option is also available for freshmen that cannot come to an on-campus session due to extenuating circumstances. 


Why can’t I attend Orientation without RSVPing?
  • We work to accommodate the maximum number of attendees for each event. Because space and seating is limited we have to insist that students RSVP so that we are prepared for their attendance.
  • Students will be registering for classes and we want to ensure that each of you get the individual attention needed during that process. To that end, faculty need time to evaluate your student records (transcripts, test scores, etc.) and to develop educational plans that fit your needs.
What do I need to bring to Orientation?
  • We encourage you to come ready to take full advantage of the day. The best way to do that is to come prepared to ask questions.
  • Beyond that, we encourage you to dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes for walking, any personal items such as medication and bring an umbrella if the weather is questionable. Rain or shine students will be moving from building to building throughout the day.
What is the schedule for Orientation?

Orientation is a 6‐hour event which will include:
– Workshops about success in the classroom, resources for support outside the classroom and Financial Aid literacy.
– Advising based on student majors
– Lunch with faculty and staff
– Registration
– Tours at the end of the day for those interested.  The tour would add approximately 1.5 hours to the day’s schedule.

Timeline Agenda Item Location

Day schedule example:
8:00 - 9:00 Check-in
9:00 - 11:00 Student Success Workshops
11:00 - 11:30 Lunch
11:30 - 3:00 Advising and Registration By Division

Night schedule example:
1:00 - 2:00 Check-in
2:00 - 4:00 Student Success Workshops
4:00 - 4:30 Dinner
4:30 - 8:00 Advising and Registration By Division

Please plan to attend the full orientation. You may leave after you have registered for classes.

To reschedule:  Go back to the RSVP link drop your reservation and then RSVP for another date and time that is more conducive to your schedule.

Is it ok for parents to attend?
  • Yes.  Please encourage parents/guardians to attend; however, children, siblings, and significant others are discouraged from attending.
  • There is a $10 fee for each parent. When you RSVP for orientation you will be prompted to enter your parent's name and contact information.
What if I miss or am unable to attend my scheduled Orientation session?

You can drop a reservation and sign‐up for another Orientation date.

To reschedule:
Students should return to the RSVP link in TigerWeb.  From there they can drop their reservation and then RSVP for another date and time that is more conducive to their schedule.

How much does Orientation Cost?
  • New Student Orientation is funded with student fees which are included with other tuition charges. Students attend the event at no additional cost.
  • There is a $10 fee for each parent/guardian that is attending with a student.
Will lunch be provided while on campus?

Yes, a meal will be provide to students and parents.

I'm taking all online courses. How do I complete the New Student Orientation requirement?
  • If you live in the area and are able to get to campus, we ask that you attend one of the on-ground sessions.  The information that we cover will be relevant to all students regardless of the instruction method.
  • Please contact orientation@chattanoogastate.edu if you are unable to attend an on-ground orientation.