Dental Hygiene Admission Process

Note: Chemistry requirement to be completed in high school with a “B” or higher or complete a college level chemistry.

Application Procedure

In addition to the admission requirements of Chattanooga State Community College, the applicant must meet the following requirements to be considered for acceptance into the Associate Degree Dental Hygiene program:

  • Attend a required Dental Hygiene information session prior to application deadline.
  • Complete all learning support classes, if applicable.
  • Applicant should be in the process of completing prerequisite and all appropriate college credit courses. Visit DH website for general education core list.
    Note: CHEM 1010 is required for students who did not receive a grade “B” or better in high school chemistry. A copy of your high school transcript must be included with the application if claiming chemistry in high school and to be considered for the interview process.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older (Required for Dental Imaging exposure)
  • Complete Allied Health application for Dental Hygiene and refer to the DH admission checklist to successfully complete the process.
  • Submit copies of high school and all previous college transcripts with the exception of Chattanooga State.
  • Complete 16 hours of dental office observation, must be at least 2 separate offices.
  • Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). DH applicants must take the test on or before the first Monday in May. (retakes allowed after 6 weeks, 2 year limit on test).
    Note: If any part of the checklist of requirements is missing prior to the May deadline date, you will not be considered for the interview process.

Any program updates or inquiries call application coordinator at 423-697-2504.

Selection Process

The deadline for submission for all application requirements is the first Monday in May and only candidates meeting that deadline will be considered for the interview (See Admissions Checklist in the program brochure). Only candidates with TEAS scores and grade point averages above the minimum established by the program will be interviewed by the selection committee.

Note: TEAS: A minimum of 60% in Math, Reading, English, and overall composite is required, a minimum of 55% in Science, and a minimum of 2.5 science, program, and college GPA.

Post-Selection Procedure

  • prior to starting the program, a background check and drug screen is required.
  • must complete forms furnished for medical, vision and drug screening. Acceptance to the Dental Hygiene Program is contingent upon results of these examinations. These forms must be submitted online by August 15.
  • must supply proof of CPR certification for healthcare professional with AED (a two-year certification is available through the American Heart Association).
  • must have required immunizations (see immunization checklist)
  • should have personal health/accident insurance.
  • must purchase liability insurance through school.

Alternates or non-accepted applicants should:

  • complete registration process with advisor each semester.
  • complete as many non-dental hygiene courses as possible.
  • re-apply by the following year

Selection Procedure Note

Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program is a competitive process. Selection into the program is based on a comparative analysis of test scores, transcripts, interviews and other application materials. Transcript information considered by the selection committee include: science GPA, program GPA, and points for the courses completed and interview points. Composition of the class will reflect diversity based on age, gender and race. Students seeking admission into the Dental Hygiene Program should begin to take prerequisite and general education courses prior to acceptance into the program. This includes any course located in the course of study other than those with a “DH” prefix. Sciences (prefix BIOL) must all be taken with a five-year limit and require a “C” or better (minimum science and cumulative GPA is 2.5).