How to register for the TEAS test at the Chattanooga State Testing Center location.

Don’t wait until the program deadline to take the TEAS test. There is limited seating and test dates fill up quickly.

  • Click the Register button below
  • Select the drop-down menu for “Choose a group” and select “Nursing and Allied Health Division (Teas Exams)”
  • Select the drop-down menu for “Choose an exam” and select “ATI Teas Exams”
  • By selecting that exam an “Exam Description” will open (be sure to read the exam description before going forward)
  • Select the drop-down menu for “Choose a date” and select an open date (open dates are in blue)
  • Select the drop-down menu for “Choose a time and select a time
  • Fill out the “Who is taking this exam” portion (all of these fields are required)
  • Read Guideline Acknowledgment Click box to agree to those guidelines
  • Fill out “Needed Information” and Click “Add to Cart”

After signing up for the exam, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided.

ATI TEAS Result Must be Included with the Program Application

After you take the TEAS test, print at least one copy of your ATI TEAS results (all four parts) to submit with your application. It is your responsibility to have the results attached to each program application.

Chattanooga State Testing Center Policies

Cancelation Policy

No change of date will be allowed without documentation from a doctor, hospital or legal notice, etc.
A 72 hour notice is required if you have to cancel - call 423-697-2684, 423-697-3367 or 423-697-4461.

Rescheduling Policy

To reschedule once without penalty of repayment: Present your documentation and note from the doctor, courts, etc. stating your emergency.

Day of Test Instructions

Arrive 10 minutes prior to test starting time. (Note: Anyone arriving 5 minutes late will not be allowed to test and will forfeit their testing fee)
The student must show picture ID or driver’s license “at the time of testing”.

Click here to Register for the TEAS test at the Chattanooga State Location

How to register for the TEAS test at a different location.

Test Structure

The ATI TEAS is composed of 170 questions, 20 of which are unscored pretest items. Thus, the number of scored questions on which individuals will be evaluated is 150. The total time allotted to complete the test is 209 minutes. In addition, the test continues to be one assessment comprised of four sections: Math, Reading, Science and English and Language Usage.

The time allowed for the test is 209 minutes (3 hours 29 minutes).

  • Reading –(53 questions) 64 minutes: (Key Ideas & Details (15%); Craft Structure (9%); Integration of Knowledge & Ideas (7%) = 31%
  • Math – (36 questions) 54 minutes: Numbers & Algebra (16%); Measurement Data (6%) = 22%
  • Science – (53 questions) 63 minutes: Human Anatomy & Physiology (21%); Life & Physical Sciences (5%); Scientific Reasoning (5%) = 31%
  • English and Language Usage – (28 questions) 28 minutes: Conventions of Standard English (6%); Knowledge of Language (6%); Vocabulary Acquisition (4%) = 16%

Total questions: 170 but 20 un-scored pretest questions

ATI TEAS Study Package:

Practice Tests, Study Manuals and online study packages can be found at ATI Testing Solutions.
The Chattanooga State library has two manuals on reserve for library use only. Other test review resources: relevant sections of GED, ACT, or SAT prep manuals.

Important Facts:

  • Only the online version of ATI TEAS is given at the Chattanooga State Testing Center. No pencil/paper version available.
  • ATI TEAS Test can be taken every 6 weeks. ATI TEAS (starting September 2016) will be good for 2 years of application deadlines.
  • If you plan to retake the ATI TEAS, the higher score total from one test will be used. Remember if you plan to retake before a program deadline, post retake date on the program application under ATI TEAS Information.
  • Calculators: the online version of ATI TEAS has a 4-function calculator already embedded within the exam for your convenience.

ATI TEAS Facts to Know After Testing

After taking the TEAS test, print a copy of your ATI TEAS results that shows all four scores. When you turn in the program application you must include a copy of the TEAS results that you want to be calculated in the program points. It is your responsibility to have the correct TEAS results attached to each program application.

Retaking the TEAS before Deadline Date

If you decide to retake the TEAS before the program deadline date ATI TEAS Test can be taken every 6 weeks and will be good for 2 years of application deadlines. ATI TEAS allows you to remediate on the questions you missed to help you improve your score. See below for instructions. Other test review resources: relevant sections of GED, ACT, or SAT prep manuals.

Remediating Missed Questions

Log into your ATI Testing Account. You will see the TEAS assessment of the exam you most recently completed. Click anywhere in the test results box. A new screen will open with your results. Click on the “Begin” button under Focused Review and continue to your list of content areas that need review.

Replacing your TEAS Already Turned In

If you decide to retest and want to use the new TEAS results scores, it is your responsibility to print out the copy and resubmit this sheet to the Application Coordinator. On the TEAS result copy - write a statement that you would like to replace this new TEAS score, let us know for which program and sign your name. Fax to: (423) 697-2628, bring to HSC 2088 or mail to:

Chattanooga State Community College
Attn: N&AH Application Coordinator HSC 2088
4501 Amnicola Hwy
Chattanooga TN 37406

Scoring the ATI TEAS

Each N&AH program calculates the formula points differently. Attend a program information session to go over this important process. Some degree programs have a calculator on their program website to calculate the program points. This sheet is to help you see how your score calculates and a copy of this calculation should also be turned in with your program application.