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Program Director: 
Angie Maida
HSC 2027
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Deadline Dates

Program - 1st Monday in May of each year
If weekend, due following Business Day.
Dental Hygienest and patient

A WebEx link will be emailed to you on the day of your info session. After being placed in a waiting room, you'll be admitted to the meeting by the program director.

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Curriculum Details

Dental Hygiene Clinic

A dental hygienist is an oral health professional who is trained to provide comprehensive preventive dental health services to the public. Included in these services are examination of oral and facial structures, removing stains and deposits from the teeth, periodontal debridement, exposing and processing dental images, applying decay-preventive agents and preparing clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests used by the dentist to provide quality patient care. Many dental practices require some chair side or business office duties. Frequent patient visits afford the dental hygienist the opportunity to instruct patients in proper oral hygiene techniques to practice at home and work. An Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded after successful completion of the Dental Hygiene Program. Board examinations are required for licensure and licensure requirements vary from state-to-state.


The Dental Hygiene program prepares the dental hygiene student to become a competent, contributing member of the dental care team.


The license issued to practice dental hygiene is granted by the Board of Dentistry of the state in which the dental hygienist wants to practice. A comptuerized national and a clinical board must be completed successfully prior to licensure application. A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is also required by the state of Tennessee for licensure.

Success Rates

Completion rate – 2021 - 85%
NB licensure pass rate 1st attempt - 2021- 100%
Job placement rate - 2021- 100%
Clinical board pass rate 1st attempt – 2021- 100%

Employment Opportunities: 
  • Private practice—general, group, specialty
  • Health departments or associated institutions
  • Teaching— dental hygiene or dental assisting
  • Schools, school systems, continuing education seminars
  • Pediatric, geriatric or special needs centers
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Dental claims departments of insurance companies
  • Research
  • Sales representative of dental products
  • Hospital and nursing homes
  • Government employment