Completion Rate Calculation Estimate

To calculate the number of completed courses needed to reach the 67% completion rate, you must calculate both your semester hours and cumulative attempted hours. To determine your semester pass rate, enter your overall number of semester hours at Chattanooga State (this includes all courses that you received A, B, C, or D) and the overall number of all semester hours attempted at Chattanooga State (to include all courses that you received a Failure "F", Incomplete "I", Withdrawal "W", Audit "AU", Credit by Examination "CE", Credit for Life Experience "CE", Course Work in Progress "PR", Satisfactory/No Credit "S/N").

To Calculate your cumulative pass rate, enter the total attempted passed hours at Chattanooga State and the total number of hours that you have attempted at Chattanooga State (this includes ALL attempted hours regardless of when the classes were attempted).

Disclaimer: The Completion Rate Calculator is an unofficial estimate. Please consult your advisor or an enrollment service counselor for questions regarding your official completion rate and advice on academic planning. For additional information regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards visit Keeping Your Aid.