Career Services

ChattState Student Chattanooga State's Career Services and Counseling Department understands that the ultimate goal for most of our students is to find gainful employment. Career Services and Counseling offers everything needed to aid in the career decision process such as information sessions, career inventories and interpretation, research tools, individual counseling and much more. As a student nears graduation, Career Services and Counseling assists them with resume preparation, interviewing techniques, and the selection of proper interview attire. Every Chattanooga State student is encouraged to take advantage of these valuable services before embarking on a job search.


Chattanooga State has career counselors who help students and community members decide on a college major at Chattanooga State. The counseling session is frequently combined with career assessments to assist individuals with narrowing their career focus and determining educational goals.  Counseling also helps those who are changing careers, need retraining, or are making the decision to come to college for the first time. 

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