Practical Nursing

The Practical Nursing (PN) program is designed to prepare its graduates to successfully pass the State Board of Nursing licensure exam. PN students will receive both the theoretical knowledge and the clinical experiences needed to give competent and safe bedside nursing care at the practical nursing level.

To be eligible for admissions to the PN program, students must complete Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Medical Mathematics with a grade of 80% or better as pre-requisites to the program. A separate application process for admissions to the PN must be submitted. Each class size is limited and students are admitted based on a competitive point system. Please contact the PN office for additional information on the admissions process.

The PN program operates on approval status with the Tennessee Board of Nursing. PN classes start each May, August, and January.

Upon completion of the PN program (having passed the pre-NCLEX exam with a score of 850 or higher and having met all other program requirements) students are eligible to take the NCLEX license exam from the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

For more information, please contact the PN office at 423-697-4447 or email Judy Kitson at


Employment Stats

  • Program Length 1 year (Diploma)
  • Job Placement 95%
  • Average Earnings $41,920 / yr
  • Cost $7105
Gainful Employment Details

About Program

This program is designed for the student to acquire basic nursing skills in order to successfully function in the entry level role of a Licensed Practical Nurse. The program is three semesters in length which is consecutively. You must go through the application process in order to be considered for the program.

Course Schedule

Students who are selected for the program are able to register once they have attended an orientation session with the director of the program.

  • Practical Nursing is a full-time program
  • Enrollment is limited to 36 students in each class
  • Students must complete 1306 hours, of the 1357 total program hours, in order to graduate from the PN program.
Full-Time Program Schedule for Day Classes
Semester Day Class   Days
Fall (487 hours) 7:45 am – 3:00   Monday - Friday
Spring (487 hours) 7:45 am – 3.00   Monday - Friday
Summer (383 hours) 7:45 am – 3:15   Monday - Friday

Special Fees Charged in Addition to Maintenance and Tuition

  • Credit by Examination Fee - The regular course fee is charged for each special examination and must be paid prior to taking the examination. Non-refundable. (See Academic Regulations.)
  • Credit for Life Experience Fees - Assessment Fee for Experiential Learning $45.00.  Experiential Learning Credit $15.00 per credit hour in excess of 3.0 credit hours. $90.00 maximum.
  • GED Testing Fee - $65.00.
  • Placement Test Fees - ACT - $45.00. (Refer to Admissions Policy.)
  • Under extenuating circumstances, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, at his/her discretion, may grant an exception to these fees.


Nutrition & Diet Therapy 11th ed.
Dimensional Analysis 4th ed.
Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice for the LPN

​All Other Books by Elsevier:
Basic Geriatric Nursing 6th ed. (Williams, 9780323 187749)
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Fundamental Concept and Skills for Nursing Study Guide (deWit, 9781455 708451)
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First Semester

Worker Characteristics

Fundamentals of Nursing

Basic Nursing

  • Vocational Relations
  • Normal Nutrition
  • Geriatric Nursing

IV Meds


Med Surg I

Second Semester

Worker Characteristics

Pharmacology I

Mental Health

Med Surg II



Third Semester

Worker Characteristics


Advanced PVR (Leadership)


Pharmacology II

Med Surg II Cont.

Career Opportunities

physician offices
health care facilities (acute, intermediate, and long term)
home health services