Inclement Weather Guidelines

In general, the College will stay open as long as it is safe to do so. In the event of inclement weather, the College will notify radio and television stations if the College will close or delay opening. Also, closing and delay information is posted on the College Website, College Facebook page, and College Twitter feed. In addition, TigerAlert messages are sent to employee and student cellphones via a text (only those that are signed up for TigerAlerts) and to employee and student emails. Unless otherwise stated, any closing or delay applies to all College locations.

Sometimes, weather will delay the opening of College but not close the College. In those instances, announcements and alerts will go out that the College will open at a specific time. Employees and students will be allowed on campus 30 minutes prior to the stated opening time. For example, if an announcement is made that the campus opens at 10:00 a.m., employees and students can begin arriving at 9:30 a.m. to prepare for classes meeting and offices opening at 10:00 a.m.  Whatever class is normally scheduled to meet at the time that the College opens will be the class that faculty and students attend.

During official closings or delays, regular full-time and regular part-time employees on the active payroll who are scheduled to work during the declared times of closing will be granted time off with pay. Employees that are not scheduled to work won't be paid for the emergency closing or delay.

We stress the importance of safety during times of inclement weather. If employees and students determine that it is not safe for them to travel while the College is open, please do not travel.

Employees unable to reach work while the College is open will be required to take annual leave or leave without pay and must notify their supervisors as soon as feasible. In some instances, an employee may be allowed to make up lost time. The immediate supervisor must first authorize any such request, then forward it for possible institutional approval.

Students unable to attend class must reach out to their instructors as soon as feasible to arrange make up work and they are encouraged to check their eLearn class websites for additional messages from their instructors.


The College uses the TigerAlert system to notify employees and students via email and/or text messaging concerning weather alerts, College closings and delays, and incident alerts.

How Do I Sign-up to Receive TigerAlerts?

All employees and students are enrolled to receive email alerts through Chattanooga State emails. All employees are enrolled to receive text alerts when they provide their cellphone information during the hiring process. All students are enrolled to receive text alerts when they provide their cellphone information during the admissions process and then updated upon registering for classes. To change the status of your enrollment, log into TigerWeb and click on the tiger image in the middle of the page to access your account or click on the link below the tiger image for instructions on how to change your status. Visit the TigerAlert Student Tech Support page for detailed instructions.

What kinds of messages will I receive?

You will only receive emergency notifications through this system. Those notifications will include weather alerts, College closings and delays, and incident alerts.

Can members of the public opt in to receive text or email alerts?

No. The text and email alert system is only for employees and students at Chattanooga State. However, you may add to your account, two additional cell phone numbers and emails. Emergency notifications will be posted on Chattanooga State’s social media accounts and on the College website. The community can continue to stay up to date on everything happening at Chattanooga State by visiting those sources.

Can I opt out of receiving text alerts?

Yes. Employees and students may log into their alert account by logging into TigerWeb and then clicking on the tiger image in the middle of the page. Because the College uses text alerts to notify employees and students of emergencies, the College strongly recommends not opting out.

How often will the alert system update with new employee and student information?

The system updates every night with new employee and student data.


For more information or for help, please visit the TigerAlert Student Tech Support page.