Admissions, Registration & Fees - Collegiate High

Admission Requirements

  • Qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible
  • Students must be recommended by high school principal, teacher, and/or counselor.
  • Students must score an ACT composite score of 19 or greater.
  • Students need to demonstrate the maturity to cope with the freedom of a college campus.
  • Applications are available from the Collegiate High Office and Online (see below).
  • Students withdraw from their zoned high school and enroll in Collegiate High.
  • Students who attend Collegiate High are responsible for their own transportation.
  • Students interview with the Collegiate High principal prior to acceptance.

Application Forms

*If prompted after selecting a form click "open".
*If you are unable to view any of the forms please visit our help page to download the correct plug-in for your computer or contact us for further assistance.

Steps To Apply To Collegiate High

Step 1: Take the ACT test.

Students can sign up to take the ACT at their current high school. (See your school counselor for test dates and deadlines for signing up for the test.) Or take the Residual ACT at Chattanooga State. The Residual is given every Tuesday at 9:00 am in the testing center. Student will need an admission slip from the Collegiate High office.

Step 2: Complete the Collegiate High Application.

The application packet consist of:

Step 3: Complete Dual Enrollment Scholarship Application.

This Step only pertains to Juniors and Seniors.

Step 4: Schedule an Interview.

Parents and student will be interviewed.

Step 5: Complete Chattanooga State Application

After acceptance in the Collegiate High, students will complete the Chattanooga State Application and return to the Collegiate High office.