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Whether your interest lies in K-12 education, physical fitness, American Sign Language, reviewing the past, examining our government and judicial system, or meeting the needs of other people, the Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences has just what you're looking for.

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Degree Options

The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a multitude of two year degrees, preparing students for careers in Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Law Enforcement, or Corrections, to name a few. Additionally, our transfer degrees, allow students to seamlessly transfer to four-year universities. Transfer degree fields include Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education, History, Political Science, and more.

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Division News

promotions & tenure

Chattanooga State Faculty Promotions and Tenure Announced

August 13, 2019 | Betty Proctor | Internal Press Release

The Academic Affairs Division at Chattanooga State Community College has announced the following faculty promotions and tenure recognition approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents:

Business: Associate Professor – Michael Largent; Assistant Professor – Philip Fortin,...

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mohammed yayha

Coming Home to America

June 12, 2019 | Betty Proctor | Internal Press Release

As sun blazed across the hills of Atia, a village in western Darfur, young Mohamed Yahya eyed the swaying grasses and kept vigilant watch over his family’s herds. Grazing and roaming as part of their daily routine, Mohamed protected these animals because they served as the primary resource for...

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research symposium

Student Research Symposium Impresses Judges

May 20, 2019 | Betty Proctor | Internal Press Release

Chattanooga State’s Spring Student Research Symposium drew 150 student presentations and more than 250 attendees to the event. The Symposium is an interdisciplinary showcase of student research projects that address challenges in their professions, careers and academic programs. 

As a...

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