Cardiovascular Sonography - Admission Process

Primary Prerequisites for Admission

Applicants must possess a minimum of an AS or AAS degree from an accredited patient-care-related field (providing 2 years of clinical experience) and certification in that same field.*

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (with labs)
  • Pre-Calculus, College Algebra or Statistics
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication (may be a component of another course)
  • Medical Terminology (may be a component of another course)
  • Patient Care and Ethics (may be a component of another course)
  • Physics (General, if not Radiologic)
  • Computer Course (high school or college level)
  • Pending Requirement: Imaging Course/Documented Imaging Experience (online course is currently being developed so that non-radiography students may take it during the summer semester prior to program admission)
  • Chemistry is also recommended, but not required.

* Specific documentation must be provided within a course description or syllabus if the specified pre-requisites are components within another course.

Call the program director at 423-697-3341 for guidance in determining your Prerequisites, but please do not request an exception to a health care degree and/or certification, as it cannot be granted.


All required materials should be submitted to the Application Coordinator for the Cardiovascular Sonography Program by March 15 for priority consideration for fall admission every even year. Use the Sonography Application Checklist to successfully complete the application process. Please specify your preference of program(s) in numerical order (1, 2).

All forms must be complete for proper consideration of application. Applicants will be contacted before May 1 if any items are missing.

Applications will be reviewed, and personal interviews will be scheduled in April or May with those applicants meeting academic criteria. Each applicant will be evaluated on the basis of previous high school, college, and prior degree achievement; professional certification (or eligibility); references, observation evaluation, and a personal interview. Selection of applicants for the program is based upon recommendation for acceptance by the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Student Selection Committee. Composition of the class will reflect diversity based on age, gender, race, and geographic location.

Applicants who are accepted into the program will be notified by July 1. Final acceptance into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program on the basis of clinical placement is contingent upon the results of a satisfactory physical examination, drug screening, background check, and proof of additional documentation (e.g., immunizations, CPR, professional certification).

The goal of all of the Chattanooga State health programs is to prepare practitioners to function in the health care arena to ensure proper care and safety of patients. Program standards are in place to assure that students have the potential to perform as entry-level practitioners. These program standards are available in the program student handbook and the Nursing and Allied Health division office. Acceptance and retention within a health program are contingent upon the student’s demonstrated ability to meet and maintain these standards.

Non-Traditional Admission Requirements (Additional)

  • This designation can be beneficial to those who can no longer maintain employment within an accredited sonography/vascular department without ARDMS certification and who need to acquire student status in order to continue functioning within this environment.
  • Current certification in a clinical patient care field is still required.
  • Documentation of one (1) year minimum full-time employment experience in the field of Sonography.
  • Documentation of continued employment within an ultrasound department during the program year, with equivalent clinical hours and the ability to utilize work place as clinic site (possible rotations required to achieve all competencies).
  • Ability to challenge and pass clinical competencies prior to program graduation.
  • Ability to attend classes on traditional program schedule.
  • Submit all of your transcripts to the Chattanooga State Records Office. You will also need a copy of your transcripts with the Sonography application. Use the N&AH Transcript Request Form to obtain these copies.
  • Complete an Allied Health application, attaching a letter to request consideration as a non-traditional applicant.

Currently Approved Patient Care Fields:

  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Respiratory Therapist (for CVS Program)

Non-Approved Fields:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Physical or Sports Therapy
  • Dental Hygienist or Assistant
  • Non-Patient Care Degrees
  • Patient Care Associate Degrees with Less than 2 academic years of clinical experience