Congress Day is Friday | Chattanooga State Community College

Congress Day is Friday

March 20, 2019 | | Internal Press Release

american government class

The American Government students at Chattanooga State Community College will take part in “Congress Day” on Friday, March 22. The event will take place in the Health Science Center (HSC building) in Room 1085 from 1-4 p.m.​

Approximately 115 students will gather for an afternoon of mock legislature! This includes students from on-ground, online, and the VW Akademie sections of American Government.​

Students have each researched and written a bill, gotten a crash course on parliamentary procedure, and will work first in committee and then in a general U.S. House of Representatives session to debate, amend, and potentially pass those bills.​​

To find out specifics or if you have questions please contact Dr. Liz Norell at (423) 697-2512 or email her