Chattanooga State Reports Enrollment Increase for the Spring 2009 Semester

March 11, 2009 | | Press Release

For the spring 2009 semester, Chattanooga State has posted a significant enrollment increase.  The total number of students (headcount) enrolled in academic credit courses is 8,318, an increase of 13% compared to spring 2008 figures.  The number of students who are full‐time (taking at least 15 credit hours) is 5,129, indicating a 15% increase when considered next to the 2008 figures for the same period.

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) is the governing body for Chattanooga State as well as the other twelve state community colleges.  Each semester TBR requires that colleges report both a total headcount and a total number of full‐time students.  Full‐time students are also known as FTEs or full‐time equivalents.  The FTE measurement is the value used by TBR to determine the amount of funding each college will receive during an academic year.

Notably, enrollment in non‐credit technical programs has also climbed.  Programs focusing on technical certification and specialized training have experienced an enrollment increase of 23%.  Two‐hundred fifty‐nine more students registered for technical programs in spring 2009 than in spring 2008.  (Please reference the table below.)

Semester Student Headcount:Enrollment in academic credit courses Students Headcount:Enrollment in non-academic technical and/or training programs Total Headcount:Enrollment in all courses and programs
Spring 2008 7,346(which translates to a FTE of 4,463 full-time students) 1118 7,346 + 1118 = 8,464
Spring 2009 8,318(which translates to a FTE of 5,129 full-time students) 1377  8318 + 1377 = 9,695An increase of 1,231 students
PercentageDifference Headcount increase of 13%FTE increase of 15% Increase of 23% A college-wide increase of 15% in enrollment for spring 2009

According to Jeff Olingy, vice president for economic and community development, the increase in enrollment was expected.  “An unstable, uncertain economic climate will push individuals towards colleges like Chattanooga State,” states Olingy.  “Our enrollment growth suggests that many realize that enhancing their skills through education and/or professional training is a solution, not a burden.”

Olingy stressed Chattanooga State’s affordable tuition and flexible scheduling.  He notes that “a Chattanooga State education is a great value, especially during these economic challenges.”  He continues by highlighting that many academic classes, technical courses, and training sessions are offered in the evenings and on the weekends to accommodate busy schedules.

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Chattanooga State is a comprehensive, regionally accredited community college, operated under the policies and guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents College System.  Founded in 1965 and serving a six-county area in Southeast Tennessee, Chattanooga State offers a wide array of programs and services.