Chattanooga State and ETSU Announce Articulation Agreement

October 4, 2022 | Betty A. Proctor | Internal Press Release

a man and woman signing an agreement

October 4, 2022 (Chattanooga, TN) --- Dr. Beth Norton, vice president for Academic Affairs, on behalf of Dr. Rebecca Ashford, president, Chattanooga State Community College (ChSCC) and Dr. Brian Noland, president, East Tennessee State University (ETSU) recently signed an articulation agreement between the two institutions. This agreement will develop a strong partnership that will facilitate a smooth and seamless movement of students that complete their associate degree at Chattanooga State to ETSU.

The ETSU Transfer Pledge supports Chattanooga State students who complete their program of study under the Tennessee Promise to then successfully transfer to ETSU to complete their bachelor’s degree. “This Pledge strengthens the enrollment-to-employment pipeline ETSU is building to power the workforce and improve the quality of life for communities in our region and around the world,” stated Dr. Noland. “Through this partnership with Chattanooga State Community College, we have put in place the resources and support students need to seamlessly transfer to ETSU, continue their education, and earn a bachelor’s degree.”

In addition, ETSU will consider scholarships for ChattState students who transfer to ETSU in the amount of $3,000 per year for up to six semesters, based on achievement of a 3.5 GPA while at Chattanooga State. “Chattanooga State’s programs offer a rock-solid foundation they can build upon at ETSU, putting them on a track for lifelong learning and success,” noted Dr. Noland.

“This agreement with ETSU provides an important opportunity for our graduates to continue their pathway to a prosperous future that began at Chattanooga State,” stated Dr. Ashford. “Our graduates will be able to take advantage of a seamless transition to a high-quality bachelor’s degree at ETSU and then on to their careers. I am so very proud of the opportunities this agreement provides our graduates.”

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