Chambliss Law and Chattanooga State Partner on Paralegal Apprenticeship Program

November 28, 2022 | Penny Murray | Internal Press Release

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November 28, 2022 (Chattanooga, TN) --- Chambliss, Bahner, and Stophel, P.C. and Chattanooga State Community College have partnered to establish Tennessee’s first college-sponsored registered program in the legal field.

The two-track apprenticeship program for litigation and transaction paralegals will include full-time employment, benefits, tuition assistance, and on-the-job training to prepare participants for a fulfilling career with Chambliss. This position plays an important role within the firm and involves direct communication and collaboration with the section chair, attorneys, legal assistants, and clients.

"We are excited to see the talent the apprenticeship program develops," said Human Resources Director Penny Murray. "This partnership reinforces Chambliss' continued efforts to recruit and maintain the highest quality of talent to serve the firm while also allowing participants the opportunity to develop lifelong skills through a truly rewarding experience."

Apprenticeships provide substantial training and the development of skills that benefit both the employer and the employee. Qualified candidates should possess a Bachelor's degree, will need to hold a high level of professionalism, integrity, and be able to work with a dynamic, high-performing team. Through the cooperative with Chattanooga State, Chambliss will provide coursework and allow a flexible working schedule to complete on-the-job training.

All registered apprenticeship programs are industry-led in highly-skilled, high-demand occupations that combine paid full-time work with structured on-the-job learning and supplemental education, resulting in portable, nationally recognized credentials within their industry. Registered apprenticeships operate under the supervision of both the Tennessee and United States Departments of Labor (DOL). Graduates receive a DOL certification which is recognized in all 50 states. Chattanooga State serves as the program sponsor, handling all paperwork and reporting to the DOL.

Chambliss joins such local business leaders as CHI Memorial, Gestamp Chattanooga, Komatsu, Mueller, WestRock, Valmont Industries, Sphere One, and Chattanooga Bakery in becoming a registered apprenticeship partner with Chattanooga State.

Registration is open until December 9, 2022. Interested candidates can forward their resumes to Penny Murray at

At Chattanooga State, interested candidates may contact Dr. Kenneth Goldsmith, Paralegal Program director, by email at