Dr. Charmayne Mulligan Named New Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts at Chattanooga State Community College

July 2, 2024 | Payton Potter | Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Charmayne Mulligan

CHATTANOOGA, TN -- Chattanooga State Community College recently welcomed Dr. Charmayne Mulligan as the new Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts. Dr. Mulligan brings with her more than 20 years of experience working in higher education, nonprofit management, and journalism. 

Before joining ChattState, Dr. Mulligan served for 17 years as a faculty member and department chair in English and Communications at Davenport University, where she was awarded Professor Emeritus status in 2023. She was also an instructor at ITT Technical Institute for three years. 

Dr. Mulligan is a lifelong learner with a passion for mentorship, leadership, English, writing, and communications. As a child, she would teach her friends and stuffed animals in an imaginary classroom. She also distributed a neighborhood newsletter from her typewriter.  

Not much has changed since then; today, her passion lies in steering students toward a bright future. 

“I really enjoy the mentoring process: working with students, helping them discover their passions and their joys, and guiding them on their career paths,” she said. “I always try to understand where people are and give them the tools they need to carry forward.” 

Dr. Mulligan said she looks forward to supporting ChattState’s Humanities and Fine Arts faculty members as they continue to improve student success. 

“I look forward to supporting the faculty as they research, develop, and implement Open Educational Resources within the division,” she said. “The best ideas often come from the faculty. My role will be to support those ideas, helping them get approved, and finding the resources necessary for achieving those strategies and goals.” 

Dr. Mulligan's commitment to student success is evident in her teaching philosophy. She emphasizes the importance of making education accessible and engaging for all students, regardless of their background or initial motivation.  

One of her key strategies for helping students discover their passions is providing them with diverse learning opportunities and encouraging faculty members to support students in pursuing assignments on topics that excite them. 

“My role as a faculty member is to offer opportunities for people to learn information in different ways,” she said. “When the opportunity presented itself to let students pursue an assignment on a topic that they were passionate about, students would sometimes discover a great deal of interest in something that they did not know they were good at.” 

As Dr. Mulligan steps into her new role, she remains committed to her core mission: helping students discover their passions and achieve their goals through education. 

ChattState President Dr. Rebecca Ashford said she looks forward to the positive influence Dr. Mulligan will have as the Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts. 

 "Dr. Mulligan’s proven track record in higher education and her commitment to student success will benefit both the Humanities & Fine Arts division and the college as a whole,” Dr. Ashford said. “Her innovative leadership and passion for education will undoubtedly enhance the Humanities & Fine Arts division and contribute to our college’s continued excellence." 

Dr. Mulligan holds a bachelor's degree in English literature from Florida Atlantic University, a master’s degree in English from East Tennessee State University, and a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Western Michigan University.