ChattState Names Andy Burns Director of CARE Center, Fostering Faculty and Student Success

July 3, 2024 | Payton Potter | Faculty Spotlight

Andy Burns

CHATTANOOGA, TN -- Chattanooga State Community College has announced the appointment of Leanders “Andy” Burns as the new director of the CARE Center. Burns, who has been with the college for 18 years, will assume his new role on July 1. 

The CARE Center focuses on supporting faculty through professional development and resources. In turn, helping faculty stay current with trends in higher education and teaching methodologies improves classroom outcomes for students, Burns said. 

"It is really interesting to see so many different backgrounds come together for a common cause, and that common cause is students,” Burns said.  

Burns started his career at ChattState in the financial aid department and has since held various positions, including roles in student affairs and academic affairs. His background includes supporting disadvantaged students in the community, teaching adjunct courses, and overseeing the testing center as its director. 

In his new position, Burns plans to engage with faculty across campus to identify their needs and provide necessary support. Among his chief goals is ensuring all faculty members have the tools and resources they need to help students succeed. 

One way that the CARE Center benefits both faculty and students is by acting as a bridge between faculty across campus, both allowing them to share ideas across divisions and providing training and education to ensure educational approaches are consistent campuswide. 

“Students are now starting to get a holistic, consistent modality when it comes to how classes are taught,” he said. “Students also get a clearer understanding of what is expected of them and what they can expect out of faculty.” 

The Center also stands prepared to help faculty meet students’ ever-changing needs. By supporting faculty in adapting to unexpected changes—such as when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the college to shift to online-only learning—Burns said he aims to create a consistent and effective learning environment for students. 

Under Burns’ direction, the CARE Center will continue contributing to the college's mission of providing quality education, supporting student success, and staying on the cutting edge of academia. 

 “People really care about ChattState. It is evident that our staff and faculty care about investing in our students,” he said. “Our campus culture allows us to be honest about both the possibilities here and the changes that are yet to be made. This openness has rejuvenated me, inspiring me to find the best ways to support educators as they support students.”