Cha Cha Land featuring our own Dr. Jennifer Arbogast

April 7, 2017 | Nancy Patterson | College Advancement

Actors in the short film Cha Cha Land featuring faculty member Dr. Jennifer Arbogast

Last year, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce blew our minds with the creative and super-memorable Mr. Perfect video promotions. According to the Chamber:

“Mr. Perfect took us on a tour of some unreal companies who moved to Chattanooga and were unbelievably successful. Now he returns in a musical extravaganza. And this time he’ll have to convince his toughest audience yet that Chattanooga is, literally, perfect for her.”

We are incredibly proud of Chattanooga State Fine Arts faculty member Dr. Jennifer Arbogast who stars as Carolyn Stanton in CHA CHA Land:

We agree. Chattanooga is literally perfect!