50 Faces of Gratitude: Jerry Wagner

June 22, 2016 | Heidi Cawood | College Advancement

Head shot of Alum Jerry Wagner

By Jerry A. Wagner, charter class alum

As an Alum of Chattanooga State, I am very grateful because it allowed me to continue my education after high school. I started in Fall of 1965 taking six to nine quarter hours at night, majoring in chemical engineering, while working full time at Combustion Engineering Company. I went fall, mini quarters at Christmas, spring, and mini quarters during summer of 1966. Because I couldn’t take 12 credit hours full time, I was drafted into the Army. After returning in 1968 I went full time at Chattanooga State and University of Chattanooga while continuing to work at Combustion. I graduated both schools in 1972.

I had many job opportunities but chose Pharmaceutical Sales for six years then entered medical equipment sales in 1978, retiring from the same company in April 2014. I stayed retired for three weeks then formed my own health care company I am still operating today and having fun.