Humanities- Learning Development Resources

Donald F. Andrews College Reading & Writing Center

The Andrews Center provides reading and writing tutoring for students at all skill levels. The Center is dedicated to helping reading students improve their reading strategies and comprehension, to helping learning support writing students improve their grammar and basic writing skills, and to helping college-level writing students reach their highest potential.  Part of the Center’s mission is to promote “independent thinking,” and its teachers and tutors are constantly pushing the Center’s visitors to actively engage with their work.


Foreign Language Tutoring

Tutoring is provided by the Foreign Language instructors at Chattanooga State. Foreign Language tutors work with students of all fluency levels to improve their Spanish listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking abilities.


Speech Communication Tutoring

Tutoring is provided by the COMM 2025 instructors at Chattanooga State and is for students in any class that requires a speech or oral presentation.  These tutors provide the opportunity for students to practice in a supportive environment and receive useful feedback on their presentations. Students should bring their speech or presentation materials and a copy of the assignment description to tutoring sessions.