Humanities- Course Offerings

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The Humanities Department offers the Fundamentals of Communication, COMM 2025, a general education requirement for virtually every program on campus.  This engaging and pragmatic course introduces students to not only the skills needed for convincing public presentations but also the key components of interpersonal communication, both of which are critical for academic and career success.



The Humanities Department offers a wide variety of courses in composition and literature with the prefix ENGL.  The first-year writing sequence, Composition I and II, introduces students to the arts of argumentation and literary analysis.  The Department also boasts a wide range of literature surveys, including American Literature, British Literature, and European Literature.  More specialized literature courses include African-American Literature, Literature for Children, and Mythology.


Foreign Languages

As psycholinguist Frank Smith is credited with saying, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” In the Chattanooga State Humanities Department, students can select from three modern foreign languages: French (FREN), German (GERM), and Spanish (SPAN).  Instruction in each of these languages consists of four courses (Elementary I and II, Intermediate I and II). Special courses for language enrichment include offerings such as Applied Spanish for Health Care and Fieldwork Studies.



Courses with the Humanities (HUM) designation provide students with a holistic historical overview of the world's arts and culture.  Such courses include surveys of the western world's music, drama, visual arts, architecture, and literature. Another popular Humanities option is HUM 2150 Introductory Film Studies.


Learning Support Reading & Writing

For those in need of additional preparation for college-level coursework, the Department offers a supportive environment for improvement through instruction by dedicated, nurturing professionals in critical reading (READ 0810) and basic writing (ENGL 0810).



Offering the opportunity to study the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, the Philosophy discipline is well-represented by courses with the PHIL prefix in the Humanities Department.  An introductory course (PHIL 1030) offers students a broad overview of the subject, while more specific courses offer instruction in Critical Thinking, Formal Logic, Ethics, and the Philosophy of Religion.


Religious Studies

Though limited in number, the Department's Religious Studies (RELS) courses are vast in content.  Religions of the World provides students with a broad overview of the modern world's major religious movements.  More specialized courses offer surveys of the Bible's Old and New Testaments.