Tech-Track Overview

Tech-Track is a federally funded program that provides a seamless transition from secondary education to post-secondary education. It was developed by Chattanooga State and funded in part through the Re-authorization of Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Act of 2006 (Perkins IV). Tech-Track provides opportunities for students to receive college credit for courses completed while still in high school.

Under this program, students who have completed qualifying high school courses, complete an application, and return the application along with a high school transcript to the Tech-Track Coordinator. The articulation credit agreements and expiration dates are listed on the articulation agreements page.

Upon successful completion of the application, students will have college credit escrowed at Chattanooga State. Upon enrolling at Chattanooga State and completing certain criteria, the student is awarded the credit with no tuition charged.

Career and Technical Students may also receive college credit through Dual Enrollment. The dual enrollment program allows a high school student to enroll in a college and register for the course. The student must meet specified criteria to qualify. To see more about this go to the Early College/Dual Enrollment page. The student must pay for the course, but the credit will count for both high school and college credit, or for just college credit.Most students will be eligible for the Tennessee Lottery Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program.

Dual Credit Application

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