SAILS Overview

Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) integrates the Tennessee Board of Regents Learning Support (developmental) math competencies with the Department of Education Bridge Math standards. SAILS utilizes a facilitated hybrid instructional model, combining the professional pedagogical expertise of the certified HS math teacher with dynamic properties of multimedia and digital content. Research supports that this blended system of teaching and learning is the most effective at engaging students with their work, and increases their success rate.

Advantages to Students

Students who score less than college ready during their junior year in HS are eligible to take SAILS in lieu of the conventional Bridge math course. When students complete the SAILS course, they earn their 4th-year HS Bridge math credit as well as eliminate their need for developmental math in college.

HS seniors who complete the program are ready to take college-level math without having to retake the ACT or Compass test. SAILS completers also remove the financial and time burdens associated with having to undergo math remediation in college. Starting college ready for college-level work GREATLY increases a student’s chance for earning his/her degree and graduating on time.

Satewide Impact

As part of the Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55 Initiative, SAILS Math TN is attracting national attention for its innovative and practical solution to the college readiness problem. Chattanooga State, along with the Tennessee Board of Regents, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Tennessee Department of Education, and the Governor’s Office, is leading the way in transforming the college readiness landscape in the state.

In the 2014-2105 Academic Year, SAILS served almost 11,000 students in 179 high schools in 79 school districts across the state. This year (2015-16 AY), SAILS is expected to help over 17,000 students in 239 high schools prepare for college-level math. And, with a 91% success rate, the TN State Assembly has budgeted $2.5 million recurring funding for the project each year.

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