SAILS Overview

SAILS (Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support) introduces the college developmental math curriculum in the high school senior year. By embedding the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Learning Support Math program in the high school Bridge Math course, students can get a head start on their college career. Students who successfully complete the program are ready to take a college math course, saving them time and money while accelerating their path to graduation.

Students who take the ACT their junior year and score less than a 19 in Math are required to take the Bridge Math course their senior year. In SAILS, in addition to earning their HS bridge math credit, these students can complete the college Learning Support Math program, eliminating their need for developmental math in college. Students may then register for a college-level math course upon entering college.


In Year 1 of the statewide scale-up (2013-2014 AY), with support from the Department of Education, Tennessee Board of Regents, Tennessee Legislature, and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, the Governor's Office appropriated $1.124 million in funding the project. All 13 institutions in the TN Community College System partnered with 118 high schools serving 8,400 students. 70% of these students completed all competencies and were ready for college-level math upon HS graduation…81% of the cohort completed the equivalent of one semester of Learning Support Math. Because of this phenomenal success, $2.45 million was approved for continued statewide scale-up. In Year 2, (2014-2015 AY) the program is expected to serve 13,636 students in 184 high schools in 79 school districts.  SAILS Math TN is attracting national attention for its innovative and practical solution to the college readiness problem. Chattanooga State is leading the way in transforming the college-readiness landscape in the State of Tennessee.

For more information about SAILS, please contact the SAILS Math TN Project Director,
Dr. Robert M. Denn • 423-697-2648

Advantages to Students

In a SAILS classroom, students who have struggled in math can become successful. The program blends online instruction with individual assistance to give students the help they need. Students in SAILS save both time and money, gaining up to three semesters and saving $1,500 in college tuition. Students completing the program in the fall are eligible to take a college-level math class in spring.

Goal: Graduation

Studies have shown that giving students a head start in college increases both enrollment and graduation rates. Currently, dual enrollment programs are available for the best students to start their college career early, but SAILS expands these opportunities to all students.

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