Costs Covered by TN Reconnect

If eligible for Tennessee Reconnect, it will pay for tuition and mandatory fees. Some specialized classes or delivery methods require additional fees not paid for by Reconnect.

Example Using 2019-2020 In-State Rate:

Student is enrolled full-time (12 credit hours)

  • In-State Tuition:  $2,016
  • General Access:   $ 47
  • Technology Fee:  $ 116
  • Total:  $ 2,179
  • TN Reconnect Grant pays:  $ 2,179
  • Owed Balance:  $0.00


TN Reconnect is a last dollar scholarship, meaning it will cover college costs not met from Pell, HOPE, or TSAA.  TN Reconnect only covers mandatory tuition and fees.

Fees covered by TN Reconnect:
Tuition (Maintenance Fee)
General Access Fee/Program Services
Technology Fee

Fees not covered by TN Reconnect:
Online Course Fee
Math Lab Fee
Other Non-Mandatory Fees