Off Season Program

This page is devoted to the players that have excelled in our Chattanooga State CC Off Season program which runs from the middle of October through the middle of December. Along with working out 3 days per week in a rigorous circuit weight training program, the guys will competitively lift one day a week vs. another player in our Superstars competition. After EACH workout the players will then run 1,2, or 3 miles for time and order of finish. The Running Champion's average order of finish is recorded to the far right. The Overall Champion is the player that scores the highest in the rankings on the field ( by players ), on the field ( by coaches ), weight room ( Superstars ) and running ( average finish ).

Off Season Champions
Superstars Champions   CL. Pos.
2003 Greg Hobart FR 2B
2004 Chad Cunningham FR 2B
2005 AJ Renfrow SO CF
2006 Wes Alsup FR P
2007 Wes Alsup SO P
2008 Alex Bush SO C
2009 Matt Holden FR 2B
2010 Gabe Herman SO OF
2011 Zach Zarzour SO 2B
2012 Aaron Wright SO 1B
2013 Stefan Remus Fr RHP
2014 Kam Herring FR OF
2015 Nate Schmal SO OF
2016 Hugo Casillo SO P
Off Season Champions
Running Champion   CL. Avg. Finish
2003 Greg Hobart FR 3.04
2004 Daniel Hackett SO 5.96
2005 Steve Simmons SO 2.92
2006 Lee Henry FR 5.40
2007 Pat Jones SO 3.46
2008 Alex Bush SO 2.08
2009 Brandon O'Dell SO 4.00
2010 Zach Zarzour FR 5.50
2011 Zach Zarzour SO 2.54
2012 Luke Shipway SO 4.69
2013 Sheldon Brogden FR 2.15
2014 Michael Goss SO 4.28
2015 Nate Schmal SO 1.68
2016 Alex Watkins FR 2.72
Off Season Champions
Overall Fall Champion On Field / Off Field Combined CL. Pos
2003 Tres Avans FR SS
2004 A.J.Renfrow FR CF
2005 Andy Simunic SO OF/INF
2006 Nathan Rochester SO C / P
2007 Lee Henry SO RHP
2008 Garret Burgess SO OF
2009 Tyler Burstrom SO RHP
2010 JD Pullen SO OF
2011 Zach Zarzour SO 2B
2012 Jordan McDonald SO SS
2013 Brandon Day
Andy Clay
2014 Michael Goss SO 1B
2015 Nate Schmal SO OF
2016 Hugo Casillo SO P