Gordon Chandler | Chattanooga State Community College

Gordon Chandler

About Artist

Gordon Chandler has been living and working in Carrollton, Georgia for over thirty years. Originally from Massachusetts, Chandler moved south after receiving his BFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University. He started W&P Builders in 1976, a construction company that manufactured welded steel woodstoves, and began equipping the studio that he still occupies today.

Artist Statement

We live in a transient world. Broken things are not fixed - they're thrown away. I create from the refuse of industry. I work from found materials with intriguing surfaces. They have a history to share ... a story to tell. I seek inspiration in scrap yards, roadsides and from my own previously collected palette. I am inspired by our cultural landscape, materials thrown away in an increasingly disposable world. I alloy these cast off objects into a sculptural form. I like the elements in my work to be mostly unrecognizable; obviously from a different utility and not without some history. The color of paint is best when it is aged and faded and full of character. New paint is less appealing, yet hopeful.