From the Catbird Seat | Chattanooga State Community College

From the Catbird Seat

From the Catbird Seat Sculpture
6'8" h


  • steel
Outdoor Museum
Permanent Exhibit

About Art Piece

In James Thurber's short story, "The Catbird Seat," sitting in the catbird seat is equated with "sitting pretty," with being in control of life. Barri Harper's sculpture "From the Catbird Seat" suggests that, in our modern technological society, sitting in the catbird seat can be oppressive. The hunched figure, caged and cramped, symbolizes the dilemma of modern man, who both benefits from technology and is trapped and oppressed by it. The regular geometric panels composing the "cage" emphasize the strictures of technology, and the dehumanized figure trapped inside, the stifling of the human spirit.