Center for Academic Research & Excellence (CARE) | Chattanooga State Community College

Center for Academic Research & Excellence (CARE)

The mission of the Center for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE) is to create a community of educators and learners who work together to improve their understanding of student learning, to share that understanding with others, and to enhance the learning environment.

CARE provides a forum for the scholarship of teaching and learning. CARE sponsors open-discussion forums, professional development workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills of all educators, faculty and staff. Learn more about our work in high-impact practices and our extensive library of course development resources.

Meet the CARE team

CARE Team Photo

Middle: Dr. Donna Seagle, Associate Professor/Director, Faculty Instruction & Professional Development
Right: Cassie Nice, High-Impact Practices Specialist
Left: Kirsten Jones, Technical Clerk, Office Management