Academic Suspension Appeal Procedures

Preliminary Steps: 

  1. Chattanooga State students skip this section and go to Tuition and Fees Section.
  2. Potential transfer students who wish to appeal academic suspension must complete an application for admission to Chattanooga State Community College as a degree-seeking student, not transient.  Contact Admissions at 423-697-4401 or apply online at (
  3. Potential transfer students may be allowed to participate in an appeal hearing ONLY if his/her admission file is complete (all required documents should have been submitted, i.e., transcripts from all schools attended, ACT scores, etc.).

Tuition & Fees:

  1. If your appeal is approved, you MUST pay your tuition and fees that day to the Bursars Office (Student Center 140). 
  2. Students wishing to pay with financial aid should make sure they are still eligible to receive financial aid.

Collect Documents for Appeals Hearing:

  1. Letter (3 copies):  Compose a letter to the Academic Appeals Committee explaining your failing grade point average.  Describe extenuating circumstances surrounding your academic performance.  
  2. Transcripts (3 copies):  Secure transcripts from ALL colleges/universities you have attended. 
  • Chattanooga State transcripts may be downloaded from the college’s web site.
  • Unofficial transcripts are acceptable but MUST contain student’s name and identification number.
  1. Academic Plan (3 copies): Your current academic plan is done with your advisor.  Your academic plan must include specific courses and recommendations by your advisor, which support your educational goals.
  2. Optional documentation:
  • Reference letters from previous instructors.
  • Other you deem appropriate (i.e., doctor’s statement).

Before Making an Appointment:

  • All Students – Obtain all necessary documents listed above.
  • Transfer students – Make sure all required information has been submitted to the Admissions Office.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Hearing:

  1. Call 423-697-4483 (Student Support Center) for an appointment to meet with the Appeals Committee.
  2. Your appointment date and time are:__________________________________________________
  3. Location is:__________________________________________________

At Your Appeals Hearing:

  1. Present your case to the Academic Appeals Committee (at appointed time)
  2. At the conclusion of your hearing, the committee will inform you of their decision.
  3. Possible outcomes may be, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Academic Suspension is upheld.
  • Student is allowed admission or re-admission to college with restrictive hours in coursework.