7-Week Classes

Stay Focused. Stay Motivated. Stay on Track.

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7 week classes

The 7-week class format breaks the standard 15-week semester into two sessions that are 7 weeks each. You will still take the same number of classes as you would in a 15-week semester, but now you divide the number between the two 7-week sessions. For instance, if you normally take 5 classes in a 15-week semester, the first 7 weeks you might take 3 classes and in the second 7 weeks you might take 2 classes.

The data is in. Over the past several semesters that we have offered 7-week classes, students are more likely to finish the class. It doesn’t matter how you break the data down: gender, race, income, or age. Here at ChattState we have seen an increase of 10–15% of students are more likely to finish classes during the 7-week session than they are in a 15-week session. This better completion rate can be attributed to being able to stay focused because of fewer classes, stay motivated because of a shorter term, and stay on track because of fewer classes to plan around. 

Advising & Registration

Sample Schedule

Fall 2021 Sample Schedule

What Students Are Saying

“I just completed a 7-week course this semester, and the great thing about it is that I have one less class this half, which gives me more time for campus activities. I also have ADHD however that did not stop me from getting an A. You can do it!”

- Zennia N. (Psychology)

"I love the 7 week courses! As a full time retail store manager it’s challenging to find the time to focus on two classes at once. Prior to the 7 week roll out I was considering taking some time off school because I was feeling overwhelmed. With the 7-week courses, even though it’s a faster pace, it is still easier to manage and I feel like I can fully focus on one class at a time."

- Jennifer J.

7-Week Classes FAQ

How will the 7-week classes format affect my financial aid.

Beginning Fall 2021, the Financial Aid Office will pay 100% of your financial aid (except Loans) at the beginning of the semester based on your registration for eligible classes. Your Pell Grant, TN Promise, Hope, TN Reconnect, scholarships, and other aid will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester (after the 2nd week) rather than paying based on your attendance throughout the semester. 

This change will provide you with your full financial aid award and any potential refund so that you don’t have to wait until your 2nd Session classes begin in October. 

Loans will be split into two payments: Half of your Loan will pay at the beginning of the semester (after the 2nd week of classes) and half of your Loan will pay after the 2nd Session has started. This will ensure that Loan borrowers have some aid remaining halfway through the semester if they need it. 

Something else to consider… 

We are confident that students will earn better grades, more credits, and receive their aid faster with this new semester format. However, if you drop, withdraw, or stop attending your classes during the semester, you will be required to repay some or all of your financial aid. You will be unable to register for classes or receive a transcript if you do not repay your balance. 

How does this affect how I register?

Creating a balanced schedule is extremely important for academic success. Students, in consultation with their academic advisors, should register for the entire semester (both 7 week terms) prior to the start of the semester. Students who take advantage of priority and early registration have the best selection of classes. Failing to register for the entire semester could result in a loss of financial aid. Please consult your advisor before adding or dropping classes. 

How am I going to manage my time in the 7-week classes? It seems like I will have more work to do in less time.

The 7-week classes format allows you to focus on fewer classes so you will have more time to dedicate to each class. For instance, in session 1 you will have 3 classes instead of 5; and in session 2 you will have 2 classes instead of 5 (number of classes will vary based on whether you are full-time or part-time and will depend on your program of study).  

If you are still concerned, check out these suggestions and consider the resources for success. 

  • Set SMART Goals.
  • Use a Planner to keep track of your classes, due dates, and important events.
  • Take good notes.
  • Participate in your class by participating in class discussions and getting to know your classmates. 
  • Get to know your teacher.
What resources does the school provide to help me stay on top of 7-week classes?

ChattState offers comprehensive student and academic support services. Tutoring is strongly encouraged for all students and is available at no cost to the student. Please see our tutoring website for more information. 

Additionally, we offer counseling, emergency aid, food pantry, and many other services to meet our students’ personal needs so they can focus on their classes. Visit the Student Support Center for more information. 

How do 7-week classes affect breaks?

One of the great benefits of the 7-week model is students will now have a full week for Fall break, Thanksgiving break, and Spring break. Please see our academic calendar for the complete listing of dates for breaks and campus closures. 

How does the 7-week format impact veterans?

There is not a one-size fits all when it comes to Veteran Educational Benefits. Veteran students may have 12 credit hours in total; however, VA processes enrollments by the beginning and ending dates. Veterans are paid based on their rate of pursuit. With our 7-week classes, veterans will be considered fulltime if they are registered for at least six credit hours in the first 7 weeks and six credit hours and the last 7 weeks.  Veterans will not be paid aid for the week in-between sessions. Please email Renee Kennebrew for more information. 

How will the 7-week classes format affect student/teacher relationships?

Research suggests that student to teacher and peer to peer relationships are improved in the 7-week class format because more time is typically spent together. For instance, classes may meet 4 times a week as opposed to twice a week or classes may meet for longer intervals per day. 

Do I really get a 3-day weekend every week with 7-week classes at ChattState?

There are a couple of classes that will meet on Friday, but 99% of classes in the 7-week class format do not meet on Fridays. This gives you more time to complete your school work, participate in school activities, spend time with family, work, spend time in the awesome outdoor opportunities around town.