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FWS/IWS Position (Peer Mentor)

Department: Math
Supervisor: Angelina Blevins
Department Contact: 423-697-4711
Positions: 8
Status: Open

Position Description

Position Summary
  • FWS/IWS Position (Peer Mentor)
Typical Duties and Responsibilities

Sit in on the class lecture, take notes, interact with students and encourage them to have good student work ethic by
setting a good example and giving "tips" whenever asked.

Tutor students using the instructor's method of instruction, but allowing students to answer questions during the lecture.

A peer mentor will have "study" sessions with students at a minimum of three times a week.

Required Qualifications

We are looking for four peer mentors for the fall semester.

A math peer mentor must have passed MATH 1530 (introduction to statistics) or MATH 1030 (introduction to college algebra) with a grade of B or higher.

The job of a math peer mentor would require a minimum of nine hours per week as follows: 3 hours of class time, 3 hours of planning, 3 hours of peer mentor time, with additional time as needed. (not to exceed 20 hours a week)

Work Experience

Tutoring experience preferred, but not required.

Preferred Qualifications

Passed Math 1530 or Math 1030 with an A. Prior tutoring would be a plus.

Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

Be able to sit in a class with other students.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Work Characteristics

A good peer mentor should be a good role model by attending class and taking good notes, tutor students as needed, refer students to appropriate resources.

Be socially engaging and friendly; always project a positive attitude and growth mindset; reach out to students to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Be able to use the instructor's method of tutoring and not interfere with the lecture.

Improve their knowledge and skills on any course content which may have been forgotten.