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Marketing & Communications


The Chattanooga State Marketing & Communications Department's chief responsibility is to support the recruitment and retention efforts of the College. This is done by aggressively promoting Chattanooga State's programs, services and exemplary faculty and staff.

The Marketing team's in-house Ask Joe brand has proven to be a highly effective, award-winning campaign used to showcase Chattanooga State.

ChattState Joes star in the College's radio and television spots, print ads, Web banners, billboards and special events.


Chattanooga State’s Marketing Department receives National Recognition

April 1, 2011
Sandy Smith, Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Department at Chattanooga State Community College was recently recognized for outstanding achievement during the Paragon Awards Banquet at the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) annual conference in Philadelphia, PA. The College’s entry in the Electronic Class Schedule/Catalog category received a Gold Paragon. In the Electronic Viewbook category the Silver Paragon was awarded.

According to NCMPR executive director, Becky Olson, “This year more than 80 judges from around the country reviewed over 1,850 entries in this annual competition that recognizes excellence in communications exclusively among two-year colleges.”

Vickie Boles, web coordinator, and her assistants, Charles Fannin and Shawn Hiser, designed both Chattanooga State’s electric class schedule and the electronic catalog. Debbie Poteet, administrative secretary in Academic Affairs, provides all of the content for the college catalogue. “The online format saves printing costs for the College and provides an up-to-date resource for students when registering for classes. Students also have access to the specific classes they need to meet their requirements for graduation,” says Mrs. Boles.

The electronic viewbook, Chattanooga State: The Power of Achievement, was the brainchild of marketing director, Patty Brown. Her vision came to life through the creative designs of Annette Alsobrooks, coordinator for publications and special events. Video clips were shot and edited by graphic designer, Heidi Cawood. Sandy Smith, coordinator for public relations, wrote most of the text in the viewbook. Again Vickie Boles and her team were responsible for posting the viewbook on Chattanooga State’s homepage.

“I could not ask for a more talented and dedicated marketing team,” says Mrs. Brown. “Their eagerness to excel beyond the norm is apparent in every challenge thrown their way. We have made revolutionary changes in the past two years in the way we do business. These changes have resulted in significant cost savings to the College.”

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