Nuclear Medicine Technology Certificate - Admission Process

Admission Information

Additional admission procedures for all applicants are required for this program. Admission is based on college grade point averages, personal interviews, references, and evaluation of motivation and individual qualities needed to successfully complete the nuclear medicine technology program.

All applicants must present postsecondary education credits for human anatomy and physiology I & II w/lab, college algebra, humanities, social science, oral and written communications, general chemistry with lab, and general physics. Basic computer knowledge is also strongly recommended.  Community colleges, universities and postsecondary technical institutes may be used to earn these course prerequisites to study in nuclear medicine.

Application Procedures

  1. Complete a Chattanooga State application form and submit it to the Admissions Office and complete their requirements to be accepted into the college.
  2. Complete a Nuclear Medicine Program application form. Refer to NMT Admission Checklist to successfully complete the application process.
  3. Submit high school, Radiologic Technology Program and all other college transcripts.
  4. Complete a minimum of 24 hours of observation in a Nuclear Medicine department, as documented on NMT Program Forms. Complete Academic, Clinical, and Personal Reference Forms. All materials will be attached to the program application. Deadline for application and forms is March 1.
  5. Attend formal interview session, after the March 1 deadline

Forms must be filled out completely in order to be considered for admission. Note to applicants: Application materials, program updates or inquires will go to the application coordinator 423-697-2504.


All required materials should be submitted to the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program by March 1 for priority consideration for admission. Applications received after the deadline will be accepted only if space permits.

Applications received by March 1 will be reviewed, and personal interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants. Each applicant will be evaluated on the basis of previous high school, college, Radiologic Technology Program achievement; the alternate eligibility requirement, clinical experience, observation hours, and a personal interview. Selection of applicants for the program is based upon recommendation for acceptance by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Selection Committee. Composition of the class will reflect diversity based on age, gender and race.

Final acceptance is contingent upon the results of a physical examination, a drug screening and criminal background check.

The goal of Chattanooga State health programs is to prepare practitioners to function in the health care arena to ensure proper care and safety of patients. Program standards are to assure that students have the potential to perform as entry-level practitioners. These program standards are available in the Division of Nursing and Allied Health Office. Acceptance and retention within a health program are contingent upon the student’s demonstrated ability to meet these standards.

Upon admission to the NMT Program, students will be required to undergo a physical examination at the student’s expense. Costs associated with the physical examination are estimated between $217-$310 depending on student immunization needs.