Science & Nature Club

Club Advisor: 
David Wollert
(423) 697-3112

Math Club

Club Advisor: 
James McCoy
(423) 697-3389
Aaron Willmon
(423) 697-4783

Environmental Science Club

Club Advisor: 
Roy Sofield
(423) 697-4485
Richard Clements
(423) 697-2588

Chemistry Club

Club Advisor: 
Dr. Gunsaru
(423) 697-3229
Ms. Riggs
(423) 697-2414

The Chemistry Club at Chattanooga State Community College is an affiliate of the American Chemical Society and a student led organization. Its members strive to promote an understanding of chemistry within and around the college community. The Chemistry Club is active in outreach to the local schools as well as charities. The Chemistry Club meets the second Tuesday of every month. Come and join us!

Biology Club

Club Advisor: 
Carolyn Dodson
(423) 697-2553
David Wollert
(423) 697-3112
Margaret Venable
(423) 697-2585

The mission of the Chattanooga State Student Biology Club is to recruit, support, nurture, and promote students with an interest in biology for personal growth, academic preparation, the betterment of society, and career opportunities by providing guidance, resources, and activities to meet these goals.

The Student Biology Club participates in community service projects and sponsors science-related events on campus.  The club also hosts social events to nurture friendships and allow members to get to know each other better outside of the college campus.