Misty May

Business Administration Transfer/Accounting Emphasis Major (age 38)

My story begins more than 20 years ago. After graduating from High-School in 1998, I enrolled in college to pursue a degree in accounting. I married shortly thereafter, and after obtaining a job related to the field I was majoring in, I decided to quit college. I focused on my family and worked full-time. A few years later, I was blessed with a son, then a daughter. I had the opportunity to stay home with each child until they started school. When my youngest child went to school, I began to rethink my decision to quit college many years earlier. I went to work part-time to fill my days with a local Head Start Agency. Head Start is a big supporter of education and improving your life, along with the life of your family. I noticed that many of the people I worked with had obtained their degrees later in life, and they were great at what they did!

I started to think about returning to college, but there were factors that had prohibited me from returning in the past. The first was a matter of convenience. Getting to campus would be tough. Then Chattanooga State expanded their Kimball Site. It was close to where I live and work. The number of classes available online had also increased over the years. My other issue was the tuition. I did not want to rack up student debt to go back to college. Then I heard about Tennessee Reconnect being revised and learned that I might qualify for tuition costs to be paid. I checked into it, and I did qualify. Now all the reasons that once kept me from returning to classes were gone. The only thing standing in my way was myself. I decided to get past my fear of failure and go for it. I was out of excuses.

I enrolled in Chattanooga State during the Fall 2017 semester to complete a degree I started more than 19 years earlier. I am projected to finish my transfer degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting at the end of the Summer 2019 semester.

 I have been fortunate to have the support of my husband, family and my coworkers while working to obtain my degree. There also have been numerous people at Chattanooga State that have helped me stay on track and offer advice. One professor in particular was always willing to help me when I had questions relating to her subject area. As long as I was willing to work on my subjects and learn, I have had all of the resources that I need available to me.

 Not only will I soon have the satisfaction of fulfilling a dream that I started many years ago, I have the opportunity to show others, especially my children, that a person can achieve success if they work hard and have the right support system. I had to get past a fear of failing. I have found out that I am a better student than I was twenty years ago.  I have maturity and life experiences on my side this time. I have been, and am going to be successful, and I have figured out that I have the ability to lead and encourage others to tackle things that they have put off in life because of excuses or fear of failing. I am living my life in a way that shows my children and those around me that with hard work and determination you can accomplish great things!