Latin Festival 2017 Video Transcript

Latin Festival 2017:

[Text: Hola Chattanooga! Latin Festival 2017 Logo]

Hola Chattanooga! Join ChattState for our Third annual Latin Festival, to be held on Saturday, May 6th in Highland Park Commons Downtown.

[Scenes of people dancing]

With a kids’ zone, cultural dances, soccer, authentic food, music, faith and more!

[Scenes of kids playing ball, a soccer game, Latin dancers, food on the grill, a band playing, and jewelry shopping]

Be a part of this fun, free community-wide event! [Vendors selling goods, attendees browsing shops] Join us to celebrate and connect with Chattanooga’s Latino residents.

[Scenes of more Latin dancers]

proceeds benefit our ‘Latino Scholarship Fund’ and ‘English as a Second Language’ programs.

[People wearing costumes and authentic Latin wear]

For more information call 423-697-3204 or visit

[presented by Chattanooga State logo, Latin Festival 2017 Logo and participating sponsor logos: Brenwood logo, The MacLellan Foundation logo, EPB logo, Atlantic Capital bank logo, 423-697-3204,]