Professional Actor Training Program | Chattanooga State Community College

Professional Actor Training Program


We are the only actor training program that offers four semesters of improvisation. Think about it. Today's industry values both the depth and psychological realism gained from acting techniques and the flexibility, spontaneity, and relaxation gained from improvisation. We are one of the few training programs that offers continuity of faculty. Your acting, improvisation, and speech teachers work with you for two years. Imagine the training you get from teachers who know your work.

  • We do not cull the class after the first year.
  • We want to work with you for two years.


  • 5 days a week.
  • 21 class hours per week + rehearsals.
  • 14 fully staged productions presented last year.
  • 4 short films written and shot last year.


Tuition is under $4,000 for the entire year!

You get New York style acting training for a fraction of the cost of other programs.