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Admissions, Registration and Fees-Early College

Determine Your Educational Plan

Discuss your educational plan with your school counselor and parents. Once you have determined you educational plan you can download the forms for the Early College Program or your counselor can provide you with an application packet. You will be required to fill out all forms and provide your High School transcript and ACT or SAT scores.

Traditional Students Packet Submission

If you attend high school on a traditional campus, you must return all the completed forms to your school counselor. Your counselor will verify that your application and registration satisfies your High School graduation requirements. When approved a representative from Chattanooga State Early College will pick up your application from the high school counselor.

Home Schooled Students Packet Submission

If you are a home schooled student, you may come to the Chattanooga State main campus to submit your application. The Early College office is located in Room 216 in the IMC Library Building.

Special Educational Needs

Chattanooga State's Office of Disabilities Support Services will coordinate accommodations with the high school's special education department for any student taking an Early College course on a high school campus who may have special educational needs. To determine eligibility for these services, please contact your HS counselor or Chattanooga State's Disabilities Support Services.

Fee Payment Deadline

If you register at least two weeks prior to the first day of class you will receive a bill with payment instructions. NOTE that all payments are due by the deadline date, whether or not a bill has been received. Fees are usually due approximately 2 weeks before classes begin each term. It is best to check the Chattanooga State website well in advance to determine the fee deadlines each term. You may pay fees online through TigerWeb, at the Bursar's Office on the main campus, or at any of the satellite campuses.

Missed Fee Payment Deadline

If you missed the deadline to pay your fees your schedule will be deleted from our system. If this happens, it is your responsibility to contact the Early College office to re-register.

Dual Enrollment Grant Credit

If you have been certified to receive the TN Dual Enrollment Grant, you will see a credit on your statement and will be required to pay the difference. The grant funds are applied to your account on different dates each term. Information regarding dates of grant funds distribution is available from the Early College office.

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