Collegiate High FAQs

Do students receive a diploma?

Yes. Students that graduate from Hamilton County's Collegiate High at Chattanooga State receive a high school diploma when graduation requirements have been fulfilled. Students that earn the required 22 Carnegie units and 23 1/2 credits also earn the required 60 college credit hours, receive a high school diploma and an associate degree.

Do the students have the opportunity to participate in a commencement exercise?

Yes. Collegiate High graduates during the Chattanooga State commencement exercises.

What are the admission requirements?

Students in grades 10 - 12 must score 19 or better on the ACT (national or residual). Students in grade 9 must score 19 on the EXPLORE test or take the Chattanooga State College ready compass scores. Students must submit 2 recommendations. The recommendations should be obtained from their high school principal or guidance counselor or a teacher. Students and parents are interviewed. Upon acceptance to the Collegiate High, the students make application to Chattanooga State.

What is the cost?

Students at Collegiate High are full time students at Chattanooga State; therefore, the tuition is the same as full time college students. College textbooks must be purchased. (For further information on tuition, please contact the Bursar's Office at 423-697-4732).

Is financial aid available for Dual Enrollment?

Yes. The Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant is available to juniors and seniors. Chattanooga State offers partial scholarships to students based on financial need.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Students must be enrolled in grades 9 - 12 to be eligible for admission.

How many credits are required for graduation?

Please refer to the curriculum page.

What about grades?

All students must score proficient or better on End-of-Course exams in AlgebraI, Language Arts 10 and Biology to meet graduation requirements.

What does a typical schedule consist of and what about the time frame of the classes?

Classes are scheduled to meet the needs of the student. A typical day at Collegiate High reflects a college schedule on certain days of the week based on college credit hours.

Who is eligible to attend Collegiate High?

Applicants that meet the requirements for admission to Collegiate High and are eligible to attend Chattanooga State can apply.

Do you have other questions?

Contact the Collegiate High office at 423-697-4492 or e-mail (link sends e-mail)

Collegiate High is collaboration between Hamilton County Department of Education and Chattanooga State.

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