Spanish Club

Club Advisor: 
Dr. Katheryn Thompson
(423) 697-3387
Juan Santillana
(423) 697-2505

"The Spanish Club is coordinated by Foreign Language faculty with assistance from student ambassadors and is designed to foster student participation in multicultural activities both on and off campus.  In a typical school year, the Spanish Club will participate in events such as, volunteering for local agencies and nonprofits to help translate for Latinos in official events; hosting a special  yearly Thanksgiving Food Drive; organizing international events like Chattanooga Market´s CultureFest and the Humanities Festival on campus; offering Spanish Movie Night, in which Spanish language movies in their original versions (subtitled) are shown; and finally, encouraging participation in La Mesa de Español, a conversational group open to both staff and students for the purposes of improving their use of the language and providing a forum for cultural exchange and social expansion."


Music Club

Club Advisor: 
Nicholas Hartline
(423) 697-3257

The Music Club is a group of Chattanooga State students who share a love of all kinds of music, with a special passion for classical, jazz, and theatre music. The group meets bi-weekly and participates and organizes a variety of events, including campus-wide student life activities, outreach concerts, opera nights, and excursions to professional music performances. Most recently, the group traveled together to see the opera La Traviata performed by the Atlanta Opera. Students do not need to be music majors to be a part of this energetic and exciting club.