Fire Science Additional Information

General Information

Today’s emergency workers are highly-trained professionals whose ultimate goal is the preservation of life and property. Because of the diversity and complexity of emergency service work, formal education is playing an increasingly important role in the emergency service field.

Students complete General Education and Technical Core courses and then complete courses in one or more of the three concentrations; Fire Suppression concentration, Emergency Service Supervision and Administration (ESSA) concentration, Emergency Medical Care (EMC) concentration. All Fire Science concentrations are offered solely online. General education courses can be taken online or on campus.
Note: Both general and technical courses are offered online through the Center for Distributed Education,

Center for Distributed Education

Two of the three concentrations (Fire Suppression, and Emergency Service Supervision & Administration) within the Emergency Service Technology Degree Program are available online.

The objectives of an online degree are twofold:

  • To  provide  educational  opportunities  that  meet  the  demanding  schedules of emergency workers.
  • To  provide  quality  course  work  that  addresses  current  issues  in  the emergency service field.

What is online or distributed education learning?
Online learning is a way of taking college-credit courses in a location other than the traditional college campus. These courses are designed to meet the demanding schedules of emergency service personnel.  In essence the student can take the classes at home as long as he/she has access to a reliable computer with internet capabilities.

Is online/distributed education learning easy?
Our goal is to provide an accessible quality education addressing current issues within the emergency service field. However, taking quality courses through the online format may not be for everyone. To succeed in this program, the student must have prior experience in the emergency service field and must be self-disciplined and motivated enough to overcome procrastination.