TigerWeb Log In Instructions

These directions will get you to where you can make payments, confirm classes, and/or enroll in the deferred fee payment plan.

How to Log In

  1. Visit tigerweb.chattanoogastate.edu
  2. Login with your TigerID and Password

How to Confirm Classes

  1. Once logged in, locate the "TigerWeb Self-Service" box then click Click Here to Enter
  2. Click Student
  3. Click Student Account
  4. Click Click To Confirm That I Will Attend (receive confirmation number)
  5. Select Term from the drop down menu and click the Submit button

Important: Selecting the incorrect term results in the student receiving a message stating they are not registered in that term.

  1. A summary of your account appears on the screen click Yes, I will attend to confirm your enrollment.
  2. Click Continue to be redirected to the secure payment site.

How to Make a Payment or Enroll in the Deferred Fee Payment Plan

  1. From the Secure Payment Site home page, there are two approaches to paying full tuition or making payments on past due accounts:
    1. Click the Payments tab and then click Make A Payment
    2. Click Make a Payment box and then click Make A Payment
  2. Skip to step 12 if you are not enrolling in the Deferred Fee Payment Plan. For Deferred Fee Payment Plan, click the Payment Plans tab. The Secure Payment Site will give you the options of “Available Payment Plans”, “New Payment Plans are Available”, or “Payment Plan History”
    1. Click Available Payment Plans, New Payment Plans are Available, or Payment Plan History (When setting up a new payment plan, click New Payment Plans are Available
    2. Select Term from the drop down menu and click Submit
    3. Information regarding the Deferred Fee Payment Plan, for the “selected term” is displayed, along with informing the student of the $25.00 enrollment fee click Continue or Cancel
    4. The Deferred Fee Payment Plan “Charges and Credits” are displayed. The total charges (tuition/fees) are shown and a down payment box is displayed. The amount shown in this field is 50% of the total tuition/fees. This is the minimum amount a student is allowed to pay in order to be set up on the Deferred Fee Payment Plan. The student may choose to pay more than the minimum due of 50% by entering a different amount in the “Down Payment” field. Click Display Payment Schedule.
    5. A worksheet will be displayed showing the 50% due today (down payment) or the amount entered by the student, plus the $25.00 enrollment fee, the next two payment dates and amounts due on those dates. The amount shown as “Total Due Now” is needed to hold your classes (the first half of your tuition). You will be asked to respond to the question of “Set Up Automatic Payments” Click Yes, I want to set up my payments or No, I don’t want to set up payments.
  3. Select the Payment Method by clicking on the drop down menu, then click Continue or Go. Students may pay using their checking/savings accounts and by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  4. Fill in the information required for the payment method selected (This window will be different depending on the type of payment selected)
    NOTE: If the student selects to use their bank account they will be required to electronically sign an ACH Agreement the first time they use this payment method. This is done by clicking on I Agree in the Agreement window, click Continue.
  5. Fill in the amount to be paid. This should be the full amount of tuition, unless student is choosing to be set-up on Chattanooga State’s Deferred Fee Payment Plan or if they are making payments on a past due balance. A "Memo" field is provided for the student to enter text of their choice, click Continue.
  6. A payment confirmation screen appears. This is the last opportunity to cancel the process before submitting payment, click Continue.

The payment has been submitted and a “Confirmation Page” appears with a confirmation number for the student to print and keep for their records and an email will be sent to the student’s campus email account

Automatic confirmation of classes occurs only when a student has paid in full or enrolls in the Deferred Fee Payment Plan and pays the minimum initial payment, plus an enrollment fee.

Should you encounter difficulty with payment processing, please call the Bursar’s Office at (423) 697-4732.

For security of your student account information, EXIT/CLOSE all windows pertaining to your student account.

Important: Stopping payment on a check does not constitute proper withdrawal. A $30 fee will be cahrged for each returned check. Proper withdrawal procedures must be followed to assess any credits/charges to your accounts.

Chattanooga State began processing paper checks electronically effective July 19, 2007. If you deliver a check in-person or mail it to the college, your paper check will be converted to an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. For your reconciliation purposes, these checks will now appear on your monthly bank statement as an Electronic Debit. If for any reason you do not wish your check to be converted to an electronic debit, please send your payment to the address noted above, with notification that you do not want your check processed electronically.

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