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TCAT Fee Definitions

The following are TCAT Fee Definitions. If you are not a student of TCAT, view the Academics Fee Definitions.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology
(Charged in Addition to Maintenance and Tuition)

  • TCAT General Access Fee - $50.00 per semester.
  • TCAT Technology Fee - Full-time $67.00/Part-time students $45.00 for each semester.
  • Student Activity Fee - $10.00 per semester.
  • Licensed Practical Nursing Fee - $100.00
  • Truck Driving Course Fee - $300.00
  • Welding Technology Course Fee - $100.00

Special Fees Charged in Addition to Maintenance and Tuition

  • Credit by Examination Fee - The regular course fee is charged for each special examination and must be paid prior to taking the examination. Non-refundable. (See Academic Regulations.)
  • Credit for Life Experience Fees - Assessment Fee for Experiential Learning $45.00.  Experiential Learning Credit $15.00 per credit hour in excess of 3.0 credit hours. $90.00 maximum.
  • GED Testing Fee - $65.00.
  • Placement Test Fees - ACT - $45.00. (Refer to Admissions Policy.)
  • Under extenuating circumstances, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, at his/her discretion, may grant an exception to these fees.