How To Pay and Confirm Attendance

To keep your class schedule, you must confirm that you will attend.

A confirmation number ensures you have successfully enrolled in classes and your fees are paid.

Confirmation Options

  • Confirm by using estimated Financial Aid: You must confirm you will attend even if fees are paid in full by financial aid, loans, and/or scholarships. Your balance after financial aid is credited must be ZERO or a negative balance before you can confirm and receive a confirmation number. Financial Aid Students should view the confirmation steps using estimated financial aid.
  • Confirm by paying your fees: If you owe a balance, you will be directed to a secure payment site to make payment or enroll in the Deferred Fee Payment PlanNOTE: Enrollment in the deferment plan requires a minimum initial payment, plus an enrollment fee.  You are automatically confirmed when you pay your tuition and fees.  You will not receive a confirmation number if you pay on campus or by mail.

You must confirm even if your fees will be paid in full by financial aid, loans, scholarships, third party, or other credits.

All fees are payable in full when the student registers or pre-registers. Registration is not complete until fees are paid or when the initial minimum payment under the Deferred Fee Payment Plan has been paid. The Tennessee Board of Regents reserves the right to change fees.

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