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Outside Scholarship Resource Guide

Below you will find resources for scholarships and money management. Review the following information before registering with any outside organizations or submitting private information to websites.

  • Please exercise caution when applying for third-party scholarships. Do not pay or provide sensitive personal information to any online financial aid service.
  • Speak with your employer and parents’ employers about any scholarships that their businesses might provide (ex. Walmart, Amazon, BlueCross BlueShield)
  • Check with your church, civic organization, or high school guidance office for more information about local scholarships.
  • When writing your application essays, include your current circumstances, your future educational and career goals, and mention how a scholarship can help you achieve those goals. Follow minimum/maximum word guidelines and proofread the essay before submitting it.

Financial Resource Guide

General Scholarship Advice and Tips


TN Hope and Lottery Resources


Local college resources and scholarships for Chattanooga students:


Large scholarship resource databases:


Scholarship resources for minorities and special populations:


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