Important Information for ALL Financial Aid Students

  • In order to receive Financial Aid, students must be in a degree-seeking program such as Associate of Science, General Transfer.
  • You Will Not Be Eligible For Aid If You Are Classified As "Special" Or "Undecided"
  • Any necessary Program or Major changes must be made at the beginning of the semester. Contact the Records Office for additional information
  • Students may receive Financial Aid for up to 30 remedial/developmental attempts (I's, E's, F's, W's, audits and letter grades count as attempts).
  • There is a lifetime limit for the Federal PELL Grant. Students eligible to receive the Federal PELL Grant may only receive PELL for an equivalent of 12 full-time semesters for their entire educational career. Students attending in a part-time status will receive a pro-rated amount, until their awards equal 12 full-time awards.
  • Students cannot receive Federal Title IV financial aid for a 3rd repeat of a previously passed class. A withdrawal is not considered as an attempt for the purpose of this federal policy.

You Must Officially Withdraw From Classes If You Do Not Plan To Attend

  • **By accepting financial aid, you are acknowledging acceptance of tuition and fee charges assessed upon registration in Chattanooga State classes. If you decide not to enroll at Chattanooga State, you must withdraw/drop ALL courses before the first day of the session to avoid any fee-related charges.
  • If you fail to complete your classes for any reason, you may have to repay a portion of your funds.
  • Your schedule must be finalized by the 14th day of classes (census date).
  • Your financial aid cannot be increased after the 14th day of classes (census date). You will be responsible for payment of additional classes after this date.
  • You must be enrolled in at least six (6) semester credit hours to be eligible for, and receive student loans and many scholarships.

Student Federal Financial Aid Award Provisions

  • The awards listed on the award letter are tentative offers based on full-time enrollment. If a student has received their excess financial aid check and drops or adds a class during the drop/add period, they will be responsible for the change in amount of monies owed. Financial aid funds will be adjusted to reflect actual enrollment after the drop/add period.
  • Students must attend all classes for which they register. If a student withdraws on or after the first day of class, but never attends the class, that class will not count when calculating financial aid eligibility.

Important Annual Dates for Financial Aid

  • February is Financial aid month - complete the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year.
  • February 15th - Priority date for scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year (Fall semester)
  • April 1st - Deadline for summer semester financial aid appeals
  • July 1st - Priority date for fall semester financial aid documents
  • *July 15th - Priority Deadline for fall semester financial aid appeals (priority deadline indicates appeal will be reviewed for fall eligibility prior to the fee payment deadline)
  • *December 1st - Deadline for spring semester financial aid appeals
  • November 1st - Priority date for spring semester financial aid documents (transfer and new students).

*4 to 6 weeks are required for appeal decision